Our Causes

Our Causes

Feeding Roadside
Aged People

How about standing stiff as the flag of courage in the hearts of helpless people? Serving the distressed and those in extreme poverty so that we can bring relief to them.

Let’s feed those in need. So, if you can’t feed hundreds then just start with one! And the best of those who help and feed others. As we all know that no one can ever be poor by giving

Let’s give a hand to our furry friends and achieve great gratification. No matter where they live, in home or on the road, dogs represent genuine love, and unconditional loyalty.

We consider education as a powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. Working every day to educate the helpless kids around us and brighten their future.

To undergo homelessness isn’t just to lack a roof over your head. Unsafe individuals live without the means to obtain the basic human comforts of warmth, health, safety, and sanitation

Environment & Climate Action

We use traditional methods of creative arts and other innovative expression to encourage young people to address environmental issues in their localities and come up with solutions