Child Recovered from Heart Disease (Harshit)

Story of a Child Recovered from Heart Disease Helped by Poonam Sansthan

Story of a Child Recovered from Heart Disease Helped by Poonam Sansthan

A healthy life is all that we need to survive. Many people fail to understand how important it is to be, live and stay healthy. And specially it is important to pay attention to the health of children and old aged people who are not able to take care of themselves and who are poverty-stricken. There are thousands of people in India and specially the kids who are fighting with several diseases. To serve humanity, we must look after and pay attention to those who are suffering from severe diseases and cannot afford the hospital charges.

Poonam Sewa Sansthan came across a 1.6 years old kid who was suffering from heart disease. It is devastating to get such news about a child who has just seen the world. A baby boy named Harshit of 1.6 years old was suffering from a heart disease. We talked to the family and came to know that this child had a hole in his heart. The check-up of Harshit was going on in a government hospital and as we know the condition of such hospitals that they continuously delay the procedures. And, the private hospitals are way too expensive for low-class family people. After we came to know the situation of the family that Harshit’s mother could not earn and go to her job because of the health condition of her baby son. Her husband earns around 13-14 thousand by working as an electrician which is not enough for their family’s basic needs like food, a rented room, their elder daughter’s studies, etc. This family was going through a lot and did not have enough money for the treatment of their child.

So, we took the initiative to help this family and the child who was fighting for his life. We collected donations and did spread this family’s needs everywhere and in every best way possible.

Zorawar from Canada and Jack from CTC, Canada took a step towards us and provided his support and major donation in this.

Our family member, Rishabh Jain who is a residence of Uttamnagar, helped a lot in this recovery and donated with his whole heart.

We are overwhelmed to make it possible that Harshit’s treatment is done successfully. Now the family is relieved and extremely thankful.